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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about our North Devon Window Cleaning Service?
Check out our FAQs below
  1. How long have you been a window cleaner?
    I have been window cleaning since 2004. I worked part time during this time and used the traditional method with squeegees and cloths. I had my own small round but am now looking to expand and window clean full time.
  2. How often do you visit a home or business?
    That is entirely up to my customers and will depend on proximity to roads, the ocean, farms etc. I clean some homes once a fortnight, some monthly and others every other month. It is entirely your choice.
  3. Do I need to be in when you visit?
    No is the short answer. I can clean your windows when you are not there and you'll come home to a cleaner, brighter home. However, if due to access issues or just because you'd like to be there to offer a nice cup of tea, then we can arrange that also.
  4. Why do you use poles and brushes?
    Firstly it is safer for me and for your property as ladders can be used sparingly and only when absolutely necessary! I have full insurance cover but as a home owner you are liable for any accidents that might occur on your property, this way we are all better off. The pole and brush system is also quicker and more thorough, cleaning all of your window frames and sills as well.
  5. Doesn't it a waste a lot of water?
    A lot of water is used yes. However, all of the water I use is harvested rainwater that is then strained, filtered and de-ionised to ensure absolute purity. This way it is better for the environment and helps me to maintain lower prices for my customers and should the Southwest ever suffer a hosepipe ban I can continue happily cleaning your windows!
  6. What if it's raining?
    Not a problem. Because I don't use soap and cloths, the rain actually helps during the clean. I use pure water and as rainwater is also pure the cleaning is slightly quicker and you'll be left with beautifully clear windows to enjoy when the sun comes back out!
  7. How much does a window clean cost?
    My smallest houses with UPVC windows cost around £8 to £10. More windows, difficult access and type of window can mean I will charge slightly more. Cleaning all of the windows on a small conservatory will add £2 to your quote, a large one, £5. I'll do you the best quote I possibly can and endeavour to be safe, reliable, friendly and conscientious when I work at your property.
  8. Any other questions?
    As a company our aim is to always provide a high level of service. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the above, or any aspects of the service.
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